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Mum always said there’s nothing like a home cooked meal.

What she was really saying was there’s nothing quite like HER home cooked meals. And she was right, as well as being quietly modest.

Like almost all Vietnamese mothers, she spends most of her time cooking, talking passionately about cooking, or out in the garden growing whatever she’ll be cooking next.

For as long as I can remember, my father, two brothers and younger sister were the daily taste testers of Mum’s culinary creations.

Her food was legendary, and whether she was cooking for just us or for the whole street, she made sure no one left hungry. She also made sure that the conversation around the table was as tasty as the food on it, always encouraging us to talk – provided our mouths weren’t full.

Mama Hoang, as she was affectionately known by our friends and neighbours, was also the go-to local market gardener. Whenever we moved house, which happened a bit back then, the first thing Mum did was set up her veggie patch, herb garden and fruit trees. It’s partly where the name of this restaurant, Mama’s Bưởi, comes from (Bưởi is a traditional Vietnamese fruit that we always had growing in the backyard).
The other reason I call it Mama’s Bưởi is pretty obvious.

Every dish on the Mama’s Bưởi menu is inspired by Mum’s authentic home cooked creations. I’ve also inherited her passion and dedication to using only the finest, freshest ingredients to ensure that every dish is healthy and full of flavour.

And, just like mum, myself and the team at Mama’s Bưởi are at our happiest when everyone’s enjoying great food, great company and creating great memories around the table.

So, in the words of one very sweet and lovely Vietnamese lady who still loves cooking for friends and family, “Eat, enjoy and don’t leave the table hungry!”