Share in beautiful Vietnamese fare

Mama’s Bưởi brings you the best of Vietnamese cuisine right here in the heart of Melbourne CBD. With a menu that is inspired by the home-style recipes of Mama Hoang, beloved Mum of co-founder Bao Hoang, Mama’s Bưởi offers an array of unique, fresh and flavoursome dishes.

The best memories are centered around group meals and the laughter that echoes from them. At Mama’s Bưởi we bring this spirit into our Restaurant with the aim to share with you during your experience. We are happiest when everyone is enjoying great food in great company.

To celebrate the love in sharing and the delight in food, we have a new selection of banquet options to suit all palates (and appetites!):

Need something light? Try our ‘Share Me’ option – it will take you through all of our signature dishes and leave you feeling more than satisfied.

So hungry you can’t decide? Then our ‘Feed Me’ banquet is just for you! You’ll experience the best home-style Vietnamese dishes. Bring your friends and share in the delight.

Squeezing in a speedy lunch? We have you covered with our ‘Express Lunch’ option. It’s perfect for when you want Vietnamese flare when time is of the essence.

No matter the choice, just make sure you do as Mum says and “eat, enjoy, and never leave the table hungry!”